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Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome! Would you consider donating?

Welcome to! Our shop is filled with donations from Etsy sellers who want to help with the situation in Haiti. 100% of all the proceeds (minus listing fees and Etsy/Paypal transaction fees) will be sent to Doctors Without Borders ( ) to help with their relief efforts in Haiti. This shop is run 100% on volunteer love.


To Donate:

Thank you for your interest in donating an item to! 100% of the proceeds (less Etsy and Paypal transaction fees) will be sent to DoctorsWithoutBorder's Haiti Fund. All donated items must be in compliance with Etsy's rules. We would also encourage donations of Heart-themed items to encourage Valentine’s Day buyers to shop our store but donations of any kind are gratefully appreciated. Etsy TOU states that one unique item cannot be sold in two separate shops, so we encourage you to deactivate or delete your donation from your own shop UNLESS you can make a duplicate for each shop.

Please send the following information in an email to and put "Hearts For Haiti Donation" as the title:

Your shop name as
Your location and country
Item Name/Title
Item Price (we ask that donations be priced at a minimum of $3)
Item Description
Category & 9 descriptive tags (we will add 4 Haiti related tags)
Materials used
Up to 3 clear photos of the item - (*we need to cut this back in order to get everything listed in a timely manner)

*Please be sure to attach (or upload) all of the photos to the email. Make sure you are sending the sized-for-Etsy versions of your photos. If it's from a current listing, copy the zoomed picture, or it will be too small. If there is a problem with the photos being transmitted, we will let you know.

*Quantity: if you have a quantity greater than one of this item to donate, please note it here and send a convo to HeartsforHaiti shop with the link to the sold item to RE-LIST it when it sells.


♥ Shipping: All sellers must ship items at their own cost. We would like to encourage everyone who can to offer worldwide shipping but understand that some items need to stay domestic due to customs restrictions. If you would like to restrict your shipping parameters please be sure to note that explicitly in your listing! Shortly after you items sells we will be in touch via convo with the buyer’s shipping info. We are trying to be quick with this information but please allow 24 hours to pass before getting in touch.

♥ We will be featuring items with a heart theme in the shop. We hope lots of sellers will consider donating a heart item for the cause! (Though any Etsy-approved item is fine)

♥ When your item sells one of the shop administrators will contact you with shipping information. Please ship items within 3 days of purchase. If you ship on a different timeline please indicate that in the listing and ship accordingly.

♥Please do not include lengthy promotions in the item descriptions. We will include your shop name at the top of the listing.


Thank you so very much for considering a donation. It is wonderful that so many are willing to help the people of Haiti recover from this tragedy.

**Please be patient with us as we sort through the hundreds of inquiries, donations and purchases that we receive each day. It can take a couple of days before a donated item is listed, sometimes more—if you do not see your item listed in the shop or in the sold items after 48 hours of submitting please contact us at

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!


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