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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hearts For Haiti Volunteer Andria of Shagpile

Volunteer Andria from ShagpileHi there! I’m Andria from Shagpile. Much to the delight of my two small dogs, I have spent a good part of the last week at home, on the couch, pretty much connected to my laptop. I became involved with the Hearts for Haiti shop when I offered to list some items but as the only volunteer on an Australian time zone Victoria quickly asked if I’d mind watching the inbox while she got some much needed sleep.

Working in the inbox has really opened my eyes to the generosity of the Etsy community. The kind words of support and personal stories have been genuinely moving and inspiring. I only wish that I had the time to write a personal response to each and every person.

Though I won’t be able to be as involved with the shop over the next few weeks as I am relocating overseas, I really hope to have a continuing role for as long as the shop is open. It has been the most amazing experience and such a privledge to have had the chance to support such an important cause and to work with such a friendly, dedicated group of people.

I am so proud of all the volunteers who have been working on this project as I know the amount of work they have put into it and especially of Victoria who has somehow managed to hold everything together! You guys are truly amazing!


  1. So lovely to "meet" you Andria! Victoria is most definitely amazing and it has been so nice to meet all the dedicated volunteers. Thank you for sharing your story and your puppies :-)

  2. Great post, Andria! I'm so glad you're on board! We will miss you while you're away but wish you so much happiness in your new home! :)

    ps. You're beautiful!

  3. It's very nice to meet you Andria. I agree with Times And Chimes. That is a great photograph!! (Are those Corgies?)