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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hearts for Haiti Volunteer Colleen of fivesparrows

Volunteer Colleen from fivesparrowsI am Colleen from five sparrows. My heart has been with Haiti for awhile, mainly because of a boy that we have sponsored there for 12 years now. Learning of his life has opened my eyes in many ways. When I heard of the earthquake my first thought was of him, and then my heart broke over the faces of all the precious children who have been affected so drastically by this. (I am a mom-my heart breaks for kids pretty quickly!)

I was so excited to find Victoria’s thread asking about starting a shop for Haiti. I remembered the bushfire shop and had hoped that there would be something like this for Haiti. Then I just got to follow along as all these motivated and brilliant people figured out how to make this shop a reality. My main job has been listing, listing and more listing as all the beautiful donations pour in! It has been amazing to see all the variety of shops who have donated, and doing this has kept me from crying in front of the TV watching footage of Haiti.

I have been struck so much by the worldwide effort this is-just that fact that our inbox is run by ladies in 3 different countries and time zones is so cool! Everyone comes from a different background, mindset, country, etc, but we can all come together to make a difference-really love that!

One of the times I was crying at the TV I saw a story on the desperate need for medical supplies in Haiti-I think of that as I see the amount raised go up-that this shop can help ease that need! So glad for this opportunity to just give and help in my own small way.


  1. "Doing this has kept my from crying in front of the TV watching footage of Haiti."

    I agree. It feels so good to be pulled out of the dwelling and into the doing!

    Great post!


  2. Colleen, thank you so much for sharing such a heart warming story, and I love that you have made our Hearts for Haiti so much more personal for me, knowing that you have sponsored a child from there.

  3. I remember sending some of those very first listings to you Colleen! Thank you so much for your dedication to the project; you more than all of us have a very special tie to Haiti and I'm honored to have you on board.

    ♥ Victoria

  4. Colleen - thank you & others for all you're doing!

  5. Colleen I bought your beautiful black and red suncatcher bird from the Hearts for Haiti's stunning. Thanks for all you are doing to help, it's marvellous.

  6. Collen, it's great to meet you. You not only have a big heart, sponsoring a child all these years and volunteering here, but you're also a talented stained glasses artist. (The ballerina sun catcher is so beautiful!).