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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hearts for Haiti Volunteer Lucinda of DesignedByLucinda

Volunteer Lucinda of DesignedByLucindaLucinda here with why *I* got involved with shop. I saw the initial post and was the 4th person to reply because I couldn't just sit by, quietly sipping my coffee and doing business as usual, so long as people were trapped under rubble just a few miles off Florida's coast.

I started my own Hearts For Haiti program on my blog but quickly switched to helping develop a GREATER presence by banding into a larger mass with other Etsy shops; many hands joined together can lift way more than any one person can. I forced poor Victoria into making it real by taking HFH live before midnight that fateful Friday night (forgive me, V?).

I did much of the copy for HFH and I am heading up the "Collections Team". I also list donations and catch convos and I try to help Victoria when the world goes crazy around her. I'll take on any task needed to help get much needed funds into the hands of DoctorsWithoutBorders because I believe we CAN make a difference, together. And Haiti needs us, so much.


  1. I love reading the articles that everyone is writing, thank you for sharing. Now I seem to remember it was you who "helped" to convince me to look after the blog LOL, seriously now that I am doing it, I am so glad you did, thank you.

  2. Lucinda, there are 3 things that you did for HFH before the shop opened that I will never forget:

    When you offered Victoria $5.00 to pay for her initial Etsy listing fees, when you amassed a HUGE "Master List of Seller Donors" by combing through 40 pages of the thread, and when you typed these words:
    "V - - - GO GO GO!!!! Get us live!!!!"!

    love, Sunny