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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another payment is sent - $ 13,000 on the way!

I was so proud of everyone involved in Hearts for Haiti today when I sent our second check to Doctors Without Borders, this one in the whopping sum of $13,000.00!

Thanks so much to everyone who has volunteered, donated, bought, and spread the word.

...........together we really ARE making a difference!!

♥ Victoria

Editors note: To see other receipt posts, refer to receipt label


  1. That's AWESOME!!! $18,000 in less than two weeks!

    And with the donations pouring in, and tomorrow..well, the surprise... It's unbelievable what has been accomplished.

    Fantastic work, everyone!

  2. I know Astrid, I am just speechless by the entire thing, from Victoria, to all the dedicated volunteers, to the sellers who are donating such beautiful items, to the buyers who are buying, and everyone who is promoting the shop, I am just speechless and feel so proud. This truly proves that one small person can accomplish so much when surrounded by people like this. It's such a nice feeling to know that we have made a difference.

  3. I am SO PROUD of you, Vickie!!!! I'm proud of ALL of you! I love you, Mom

  4. Welll done, everyone! Love seeing these checks!


  5. Congratulations to all the volunteers! I <3 Hearts for Haiti and keep telling my friends and customers about it and how amazing this fundraising has been! Now off to tweet the good news :)

  6. Amazing! Everyone has worked so hard on the shop, and it's just wonderful to see the kind of response there has been. A huge congratulations to everyone involved!

  7. Awesome!!! Great job. So excited to have been involved in this effort!