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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What? The HFH Shop Is Extinct?

"No way, our doors are still open!....come visit us!

But this is to let you know, that it looks like will be stopping all new listings at the end of April, & shutting down at the end of August when everything has expired. 

Things start expiring in a few weeks, so if there was anything you wanted, now is the time to get it." (hint, free shipping!)

Two Colour Original Illustration of Nautilus.
copyright 2008, Dayna Gedney.

This is a handpulled silk screen, printed on quality, acid free paper, size 16"x20" using archival quality inks. Signed and dated at the bottom of the work. $40.00 US. (shipping generously donated by daynagedney.)

This item was donated by from Toronto, Canada. All proceeds from this donation (after fees) go to Doctors Without Borders to assist their work in Haiti.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Treasure Chest of Love

The Etsy Hearts for Haiti shop will still be taking your handmade arts and crafts (plus vintage and craft supplies) donations until the end of April 2010.  The Hearts for Haiti online Etsy shop will stay open and continue to sell the hundreds of goodies in stock. Come have a look  -the variety of donations from the talented members of the Etsy community is simply amazing! 

                 Flowering Fire - small glass treasure box

For all of your little treasures and secrets here is a hand painted lidded glass box. Dimensions:    3 1/4” x 4 1/4”. $34.00 us.
This item was donated by from Brooklyn, NY US. 

All proceeds from this donation (after fees) go to Doctors Without Borders to assist their work in Haiti.

Etsy Treasury, "Buried Treasure", curated by Dee.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's be friends

Hearts for Haiti just joined Twitter!  Let's be friends! ♡ Go to:

"Enough Love For Everyone Fairy" Giclee print
This item was donated by from Amelia Island, FL USA. All proceeds from this donation (after fees) go to Doctors Without Borders to assist their work in Haiti. $16.00 us, shipping has been kindly donated by the artist.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doctors Without Borders: Port-au-Prince / New York, March 30, 2010 –

UN Donor Conference: Given the Immense Needs, Haitians Must Have Continued Access to Medical Care  

"Since the January 12 earthquake, nearly all public and many private medical structures in the affected areas have offered healthcare free of charge. Recently, however, plans have been disclosed to progressively reinstate hospital fees as early as mid April.  Making access to health care contingent upon someone’s financial means would totally ignore the reality that we see in the streets and makeshift camps in Haiti,” said MSF emergency coordinator Karline Kleijer. “Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and live in rickety huts made of plastic sheeting, tents or ruined houses, with one latrine for a few hundred people on average. Shelter, hygiene, water and medical care remain a priority need. Short term humanitarian needs remain huge and unmet,..."  Read the article here.    

Collectible Lampwork Flower Implosion Marble

Above: Flameworked Pink Floral implosion marble made of borosilicate glass. Size: approx. 1.31" or 33mm round. Annealed in a digital kiln and includes a stand for your marble. $25.00.  Shipping has been generously donated by 

the artist.

This item was donated by from Lebanon, Oregon USA. All proceeds from this donation (after fees) go to Doctors Without Borders to assist their work in Haiti.

Your Donations Are Making A Difference

Quote from the Doctors Without Borders Website (03/12/2010)

"Currently, MSF ("Doctors Without Borders") has 348 international staff in Haiti working closely with over 3,000 Haitian staff. With the expansion of services, the 26 MSF hospitals and health centres can accommodate 1,346 inpatients. In the last two months, MSF teams have performed more than 3,700 surgeries, provided psychological counselling to more than 22,000 people, and treated 54,789 patients. MSF teams have distributed nearly 18,000 non-food item kits—including kitchen kits, hygiene kits, jerrycans, blankets, and plastic sheeting—and more than 10,000 tents."  

Go here to read the full article with photos: Haiti: Two Months After The Quake.