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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Smile Seen Around the World

One month ago, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti taking at least 200,000 lives, injuring 300,000 and leaving over one million men, women and children homeless.

In the midst of despair and grief, surrounded by devastation and tragedy, overwhelmed with eight days of the nonstop flood of heartbreaking news, came this story.

After a week of being trapped in the rubble, Kiki, a frail little eight year old Haitian boy, rescued with his sister, emerged with his hands held out and an infectious smile.

This picture and story spread around the world like wildfire, hopefully spreading the message to never give up and always have hope.

Perhaps one day, this picture will be the face of the Haiti earthquake.

New York Post photographer Matthew McDermott, who traveled to Haiti with the disaster-relief organization AmeriCares, snapped this amazing rescue shot

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  1. That brought tears to my eyes; and that is an amazing photo! I don't watch television and some how I missed hearing about this else where. Thank you for sharing it here.