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Monday, February 8, 2010

Etsy Hearts for Haiti Fun Facts

Fun Facts As of tonight, HFH has had 3156 convos. There are 2228 sales. 2289 users have Hearted us. There are currently 1136 listings for sale. Since the beginning, we have listed OVER 1136+2228 (3364) items (some were cancelled so aren't included in the tally) Average selling price (using latest $$ raised / # sold and adding back in roughly 10% to cover fees extracted from total) is $14.09.

"Conversation Heart confetti - 48 pieces" donated by

Fun Facts submitted by HFH Volunteer Lucinda.


  1. We really appreciate how hard these volunteers work, thank you so much! And I can't believe how they keep everything straight either!

  2. You guys are doing an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job organizing everything! It is an extra bonus that you are keeping the blog updated so that we can all follow what it going on! Thank you!!! Ordered a couple little things very Valentine's Day for my kids last week and I can't wait to give them!

  3. WOW -- is this a record for Etsy? Awesome! And that the average sale is so high...because the donations have been top notch! That's totally wonderful!

  4. Love these fun facts! More More More!

  5. Thanks so much for posting my donation! I think it's amazing how much money has been raised so far, and in such a short time. I'm happy to have played just a small part in that. :) You all are doing such a great job in organizing and handling everything too! Very impressive!

  6. That's incredible-way to go everyone!
    Hugs to everyone working so hard to make this shop such a huge success!