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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Deposit Check will be posted soon

Victoria van der Laan our Etsy Hearts for Haiti founder emailed the Team members and said that she is happy to report that she will be able to post the final check for Doctors Without Borders as soon as the funds clear PayPal in Oct.    

If you have any questions you can contact Victoria directly by clicking "Main Shop Keep" or clicking the Contact Us button.

My name is Sunny, I'm the blog writer volunteer and I'll be happy to post your comments, photos, articles, and stories about your what you made for the HFH shop or what you purchased, or anything else you'd like to share with the other donors.

Again, thank you.

Sept. 14, 2010
A Message To The Donors From Sunny,
(HFH blog volunteer)

We did a great job everyone!!

I will be posting updates from the DWB news stories from Haiti as time goes on.

I know that not just hundreds -but thousands of you (2,641 of you to be exact) stood in line at the post office, some with children in tow, or took time off from your busy day to get to the post office to get those donated items into the mail on time.  You paid for postage and your took some of your finest shop items and gave them out of the generosity of your heart.  THANK YOU! Your donations brought medical supplies to many, many people desperately in need of them.

This blog will remain open as a reminder of what what accomplished when the hearts and hands of a global arts and crafts community joined together to help humanity in their time of need.

Comments always welcomed,
Sincerely, Sunny
HFH Blog Volunteer

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